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Mega Sale Daihatsu Ayla dan Grand Max PU (Ngabisin Stok) 2014

kiky riky

Mega Sale Daihatsu Ayla D plus Manual 2014
TDP Ringan, Angsuran Super Murah
(sudah AC, Power Steering dan Audio)

Ayla D Plus MT
TDP. 25 Juta, Angsuran cuma Rp.1.750.000 x 48 bulan

Grand Max Pick Up
TDP. 7 Juta, Angsuran cuma Rp.88.500/hari (selama 48 bulan)

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My Service To You :

- Sales of cash or credit with competitive rates.
- Sales to individuals (retail), showroom, and corporate (fleet).
- Trade in your old cars of all brands at high prices.
- Extension of the old insurance and new insurance with low interest rate and guaranteed.
- Sales of accessories and other complementary products such as rust protection, protective paint, soundproofing, cover jog / bekleed, audio, and so on.

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